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Started as a passion project by the Hagen brothers from Arnhem in late 2022, Nacht Wacht is their brainchild that stems from a love for techno and events. At a young age, the brothers were exposed to the world of parties and event organization, their father Robin is one of the founders of the Dutch house and techno scene, organizing parties in the well-known Rijnhal Arnhem as well as founding FYM festival.

The event has since grown into the biggest hard-techno spectacle of the area and is expected to grow even further the coming years. Bringing together thousands of visitors and world-renowned DJ's to have the time of their lives.


The name Nacht Wacht is derived from the location of the first edition: the now closed Rembrandt theater in Arnhem.

When it became known in Arnhem that the stately and iconic Rembrandt theater would close on December 31, 2022, one last rave was held that New Year's Eve, as an ode to what this city cinema has meant for Arnhem and its residents in the past almost 70 years. That last night, Arnhem kept watch.

The theater has been re-opened December 1st, 2023, and who knows what the future will bring for Nacht Wacht in this iconic location.

Rembrandt Arnhem

With over 10.000 visitors in the first year alone, Nacht Wacht has made countless memories for the visitors and the organization. We stand for the atmosphere and power that the raves from the 90s in the Netherlands have left behind. Together with a passion for modern (hard) techno, this is reflected in beautiful productions that are unique in the Netherlands.

The team behind Nacht Wacht consists of young enthusiastic lovers of techno who, with their own experience in production work and organization, make the parties of Nacht Wacht a success and constantly take them to a new level.

Who knows we will see you soon. En houden we 's nachts samen de wacht.

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